Sunday, December 23, 2007

10-Year Chinese Haunting Finally Debunked

"This 5 story 'haunted' building in the GuangXi province of China has scared most of it's owners away. Anyone who ever lived in the house, heard horribly spooky sounds coming from somewhere in the house. In 10 years, the house has been sold to four different owners, and soon after each moved in, they moved out because of the haunting."

"Two brothers bought the house and tried to find where in the house the noise was coming from. After numerous nights of searching, they figured out the noise sounded like something flapping in the water and it came from the bathroom pipe on the first floor."

You have to follow the link above to see what was causing all the noise - it wasn't just the pipes...there was something or things in the pipes. Craziness.

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