Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Man Cold Rears Its Ugly Head

I had to share this. If you read one of my posts from yesterday, you'll know that Shorty was sick (she's much better today). You'll also know that I was sick the day before yesterday. Shorty and I were both throwing-up sick. To me, that's worse than a cold, but who am I to judge?

Anyway, Papa Rooster has a "man cold." He's had it for almost a week now. Yesterday, Shorty was feeling a little better. Papa Rooster says to her, and I quote (well, I'll try to quote him) "Remember, Baby, you can never feel worse than Dada because Dada has a Dada cold."

Papa Rooster really tries to be funny sometimes. Sometimes he succeeds and sometimes he fails and sometimes he fails miserably. Which one of the three categories do you think that little comment falls into?

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