Monday, February 18, 2008

Useless Advice From Useless Men

Y'all have to go check out this blog. I tagged it as a favorite last year or so and almost forgot about it. These guys are hilarious. Here's a snippet of today's question. Head on over to Useless Men and read the rest of this and a ton more useless advice.

Dear Useless Men,

Why do people with average intelligence, large egos, and small self-confidence add extra syllables to words? Do they really think that using longer words makes them sound more technically knowledgeable? Or are they so shallow that they do this to make themselves sound more important in meetings?

One example is the word "orientate", which of course isn't a real word, It really is just the "ate" suffix added to the root word "orient". I have many other examples, but I don't want to take up your time with all of them. I think you already get the point of my question.

vacabulary constabulary

Dear Vacaulary Constabulary,

A long time ago, back when there was still magic in the world, and green winged faeries danced reels with red-capped gnomes in misty hills and verdant valleys, times were simpler. The world was inhabited by simple men who lead simple lives as bakers, woodsmen, and tailors, and used simple resources such as flour, wood, and cloth. As befitting their simple minds, these men used simple, archaic language without any adornments, and engaged in a primitive, pre-email form of communication called "talking to one another." They lived idyllic sorts of lives, talking as they pleased, wedding who they pleased, and working as they pleased.

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