Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Very, Very Sick Cat

We had to take our cat, Loco, to the vet this morning. After 10 hours of not moving at all and about 15 hours of not being able to lift his head up, we finally took him to the vet. I thought for sure Shorty had hurt him in some way or another, whether it was by pulling him around by his tail or by her "hugging" him around his neck. Come to find out, it wasn't Shorty's fault at all.

Loco is having serious kidney problems - lack of potassium. Not holding his head up is a sign of kidney problems. Has anyone ever heard that in their life? I hadn't. He is home now and taking three different types of medicine and is on special cat food (which he won't eat).

It's a horrible, horrible feeling to watch my cat that I've had for 12 years walk around with his head down and kind of stumble. I love him. He has been there with me through so much.

I wanted to post this in case anyone else out there ever has this problem with their cat, where they can't lift their head up.

Pray for him, please.
(He won't lift his head up any higher than this.)

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