Sunday, June 22, 2008

Look What Came To Visit At Our Yard Sale

Well, the yard sale went pretty good. We made close to 500 bucks between us and my mom. The main goal was to clean out our house, and I think we did that.

While bagging up stuff after the yard sale to take to Goodwill, I found this in the 10¢ sock box.

I know it's blurry, but Big Daddy thinks it was a brown recluse.

Then while Big Daddy and my mom went to Goodwill to take all the leftovers, this creature walks up the driveway and starts pacing back and forth at the gate. At first I thought it was an overgrown hairless chihuahua. Then I thought it was a hyena. And then it finally set in that it was a coyote pup.

At that moment, my mom pulls in the driveway and opens the gate and this little sucker walks on in and walks straight to the fence where my dogs were. They start barking and he jumps back and crawls under my car. Big Daddy finally shows up. He gets out of his truck and we yell that there's a coyote pup under my car. He immediately goes to get his gun saying he's going to shoot it. I was able to talk him out of that. I called animal control, which was not open, but their phone system forwarded me to the police department. I tell the dispatcher or operator there's a coyote pup under my car and she says, "I don't understand what coyote means." I said, "It's a ky-yo-tee. You don't know what a ky-yo-tee is?" She understood then. Anyway, the cop shows up and calls animal control. Animal control shows up and gets his pole and manages to catch all four legs and then they put him in a little pet carrier and take him off.

Here he is:

I kind of felt bad for the little thing. I mean, coyotes are pack animals. We heard this thing yelping during the yard sale, but couldn't see him. How did he venture away from the pack and why didn't they come find him? We're kind of thinking maybe he was sick or something. He was acting kind of strange, but I have no idea how they act normally.

Always some kind of drama going on around here.

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