Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why Do I Think Of Things Like This?

I like to watch Paranormal State. I watched it the other night and it freaked me out so bad, that I got chills. When they busted out that Orvilus, or whatever you call it, that takes the EMF and the whatever else and it translates it to a number and then that number translates to a word and then the dang spirit in your house talks to you and crap, I thought I was going to wet my pants!

Anyway, last night I couldn't sleep, so I was laying on the couch watching Bravo and Million Dollar Listing came on. I couldn't help but think is the guy from Paranormal State related to the Chad guy from Million Dollar Listing? Look at this:

Guy from Paranormal State, Ryan Buell.

Guy from Million Dollar Listing, Chad Rogers.

So maybe Chad and Ryan aren't related. But what about Chad and this tennis ball? That's what his hair reminds me of.


Anonymous said...

lol this is too funny, you're not the only one who has made that connection, it sure is uncanny how much they look alike!

Anonymous said...

How funny.. I'm not the only one that thinks they look alike!