Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Box containing depleted uranium missing

FORT WORTH -- Police and emergency hazardous material workers were searching in northwest Fort Worth late Monday for a box containing depleted uranium.

A driver with a company identified as Desert Industrial X-Ray was transporting the device through the area of Blue Mound Road and U.S. 287 just before 11 p.m. when the box apparently bounced out of the back of his pickup, police said.

No additional details were available late Monday evening.

Star-Telegram.com: 12/04/2007 Box containing depleted uranium missing

Dah, dah, dah, dah, I'm Superman! (This makes sense only in my own head.)

How in the hell does somone haul around a box of uranium bouncing around in the back of a pickup truck? Some got some and some got none - uranium or common sense - you fill in the blank.

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