Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dogs Community

I don't know whether to laugh or feel bad for this guy. I posted a question over at MedHelp in their Dogs Community Forum about my dog Willie who has not eaten now for about seven days. By the way, if anyone has any suggestions on what to do with a dog who aboslutely will not eat and has lost tons of weight, please let me know. The vet said he'll eat if he gets hungry enough?????

Anyway, I go over to MedHelp to see if anyone has commented on my question and I read the question two questions below mine. Let me remind you that this is in the "Dogs Community" section of this website. I think this guy might not have picked the right category.


Leslie said...

Too funny!
About the dog - my dog stopped eating a couple of years ago. I could get him to eat a little yogurt by letting him lick it off of a spoon and got water in him the same way. When I took him to the vet, they tested liver enzymes. Gave him an antibiotic to take for several days and a liver medicine to take for 30 days. It took him a little while to bounce back, but he is still with us at 12 years old. I hope you get some answers.

Half-Redneck said...

I just went back to the website and the question is no longer there. Whoops!

Thanks for suggesting the yogurt. I'll definitely try it. Willie had a complete blood screen done Thursday before last and everything was fine. A couple of the numbers were a little low, but they said that was probably due to the fact he has heartworms (I just found that out too.) I've looked everywhere on the web and not eating is not one of the major symptoms of heartworms. They gave him Heartguard to take for the heartworms. A few years ago, you couldn't give a dog that had heartworms a heartworm preventative, but now you can, especially in older dogs. My only problem with that is he won't eat his heartworm medicine.

Leslie said...

Have they checked his teeth for an abcess that might be making it painful to eat? One of my cats was losing weight - she had 3 abcessed teeth that had to be pulled. She's getting fat and sassy again.
Have you tried putting his Heartguard in American cheese or peanut butter? Cheap lunch meat works well, too.
Good luck.