Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rodent Factory? Huh?

I was browsing through the Star Telegram last night - online, of course - when I saw this article:

Fort Worth panel backs rodent factory expansion

First thing that came to mind was, What the hell is a rodent factory? Is it some kind of sweat shop where little mice are making shoes? Are there little rats running around wearing lab coats? Hamsters running on wheels creating some form of energy? What the hell is a rodent factory? Seriously, what the hell is a rodent factory?

So I did a little research and I found this:

The Big Cheese Rodent Factory

Their home page says:
"Breeder of superior quality frozen feeder mice and rats. Our rodents are fed the highest quality rodent chow, which contains natural rodents foods. We vacuum pack our product to preserve nutrients, moisture and freshness . This process also extends the freezer life of the rodents by reducing freezer burn. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed."

Under the our products section, one of the bullet points says this:
"Rodents are humanely euthanized and blast frozen to maximize freshness"

You can buy mice: A small or large pinky, fuzzy, hopper, etc.

Or rats: Pinky, fuzzy, pups, weaned, jumbo, colossal, etc.

So my only question now is, What the hell is a rodent factory?

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