Friday, August 22, 2008

Kids Of The '70s, Rejoice!

I about had a heart attack the other day when I found out that The Banana Splits Show was making a comeback. I used to love that show. One banana, two banana, three banana four - hum dee dumdy dumdy dumdy nunnanunn nun. They used to crack me up. I didn’t like the cartoons they showed, but I about peed my pants laughing whenever those people in suits came on the screen. Go here to check out The Banana Splits.

I just read that The Electric Company will be making a comeback in January 2009 on PBS. Will it come on after Sesame Street like it used to? I have no idea.

Why am I so excited about this? I have no idea. Will Dusty’s Treehouse or New Zoo Review make a comeback? How about Gigglesnort Hotel? Oh, my.

How about the Bugaloos? The Bugaloos, the bugaloos, they’re in the air and everywhere. Flying high, flying low, flying free as a summer breeze.

I was so obsessed with the Bugaloos that I named my kitten Sparky. What a silly kid I was. Still am.


Bruce said...

The Banana Splits was the best. I really liked Treasure Island. Man I loved the 70's TV shows.

Half-Redneck said...

Can't forget Good Times and Sanford & Son. Those might have been in the
'80s though - and they're not really kid shows, but they still cracked me up.