Friday, August 22, 2008

Land Of The Lost - Chaka

While I'm on the subject of making myself feel kind of old, reminiscing about all the old shows I used to watch growing up - one of my all-time favorites was the Land of the Lost. You know, Marshall, Will & Holly, on a routine expedition.

I always secretly wished I was Holly except for when those crazy ass Sleestack things came hissing and moaning around and scaring the bejeezus out of me. There was one episode that scared me so bad that I can remember it to this day. It was an episode where there was this shiny, sparkly man. He was, like, made out of coins. How freaky. Who thinks up crap like that?

But anyway, onto this burning question that has bothered me to this day...who the hell was Chaka?

I always, until this very moment, thought Chaka was this guy:

Who is the brother of this guy:

But Chaka was some guy named Philip Paley - some martial arts, hong kong phooey dude.

This is an example of useless crap that sometimes keeps me up at night.


Genelle said...

hi there,

I nearly busted a gut when I came across this. a friend and I always thought Chaka was played by Clint Howard, too!

too funny... :)

Anonymous said...

Tears ran down my face as I read these entries. So funny! My husband and I always though it was Ron Howard's brother too. It sure looks like him! Those sleestacks were so creepy!!