Friday, August 31, 2007

Some Wealthy & Powerful Drive On Tollway For Free

Well, of course the wealthy and powerful drive for free. What do you think makes them wealthy and powerful? Makes me sick to my stomach. I love it when a news investigative team busts them though. I think they should take the money they should have been spending on toll tags and go buy school supplies or a book or something for needy kids, the sorry bastards.

Be sure and click on the PDF file at the link below. It actually lists names. I think you should get a free toll tag if you're disabled, if you served any amount of time in the military, if you're a teacher, if someone in your immediate family received a Purple Heart...I could go on and on. Nobody cares what I think though - HMPH! I'll go sit on my pity potty for a while. - Some Wealthy & Powerful Drive On Tollway For Free

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