Friday, August 31, 2007

Weatherford Democrat - Woman strips naked outside courthouse

Oh how I miss working at the Parker County Courthouse. My guess is someone took a road trip to Wichita Falls.


Woman strips naked outside courthouse

Galen Scott

Law enforcement officials were called to the west entrance of the Parker County Courthouse at 8 a.m. Wednesday, after an unidentified woman began removing her clothes in a stairwell.

Parker County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Arnett said the woman approached him near the west door, and then traveled down a set of adjacent stairs, where she stripped naked and began to wail.

“She kept trying to lay down, and then she just curled up,” Arnett recalled. “When she got nude, I decided she probably didn’t have anything to hide, but I called for help; I didn’t want to end up chasing a naked woman across the highway.”

Arnett called the Weatherford Police Department for assistance. Weatherford Officers Larry Price and Don Fear responded to Arnett’s call, along with the Weatherford Fire Department and a team of LifeCare paramedics. A police cruiser parked on the courthouse sidewalk caught the eyes of motorists stuck in morning traffic.

It took law enforcement personnel about 10 minutes to convince the woman to put her clothes back on, and she was subsequently transported to a Metroplex hospital.

County Environmental Officer Connie Good was also at the scene. Good recalled working an environmental call in Springtown where she said the woman had been living in a mobile home with dozens of animals.

Before she started undressing, Arnett said the woman seemed to be repeating a name and birthday.

“I tried to ask if she needed help,” he said. “She just looked at me, then took off her shirt, and then her jeans, and then she was in her birthday suit.”

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