Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So I Lied

What a freak Loco is. I had just taken clothes out of the dryer, and he jumps in there while it's still hot. I have to admit, I shut the door with him in there. It took all I had in me to not turn it on and let him spin a couple of times. I probably would have if this wasn't a brand new dryer. I would have been pissed at myself if he had scratched the inside of it with his back claws.

I was going to fix the red-eye on this one, but that would have messed up his alien eyes.

As Maddie would say, 'prize.

Loco is thinking, I must remember this spot so I can hide from that little shorty who chokes me until I gag.

Look, he's stayed in there so long, his eyes are starting to burn.

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