Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Barnett Shale Hell Update

Just thought I'd post an update to my Barnett Shale fiasco. I finally got ahold of a guy with Dale Operating who gave my number to someone with Chesapeake. The Chesapeake guy called me and I gave him my address. He says even though they're drilling, like, two inches from my house, that the lines are going to the north and northwest from our property. The drilling rig down the street about a half a mile is going in another direction as well. It seems really, really odd to me that they're putting in a collection line directly across the street from me and that I seriously think Chesapeake owns a very, very nice big home along with a couple of nice horse arenas on the property between these two drilling rigs.

Even though we had to listen to the constant hum and loud bangs of this drilling rig and smell the horrible stinch coming off this thing, we won't be receiving a single cent from the proceeds of it. How the hell can they say that the liquid they're collecting out of these lines isn't coming from underneath our property? Seems like a lot of BS to me.

The drilling rig was taken down the other day. They moved it down the street to the very, very nice home where there's no less than four signs that say something about Chesapeake (which leads me to believe that someone with Chesapeake owns this property) - no one actually lives in this house that I know of. So that makes a total of three drilling rigs within about a half a mile of our property and still no checks from the gas man.

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TXsharon said...

Thanks for the update! I would love to have pictures of all this. If you make a comment on my blog with your email address, I can contact you but I will delete the comment and not post it.