Sunday, April 27, 2008

Loco Becomes A Tripod

This is part three or four of the continuing Loco saga. You've seen the picture of Loco up there before. Do you see where his paw is turned under? Well, that part of his paw is basically "dead". How in the hell did this happen? I don't know. It may be a tumor of some kind up under his kitty pit. I found a wonderful vet in Pantego that will be amputating his entire kitty arm tomorrow, including his shoulder blade. It sounds horrendous to me and I bawled a lot Thursday when I found out that this was the only way to help him. Some people might think I'm crazy, but some people think I'm crazy anyway. The total cost of the surgery is going to be actually cheaper than his first visit to the "vet from hell" that I took him to with his busted ear drum/supposed almost kidney failure.

In the pic up there, you can see where it looks sort of red and bloody and raw. If you get real close, you can see what looks like tendons or something showing through. It makes me cry to even think about how much pain he's going to be in and what he's going to look like and how he's going to get around on three legs. I have to drop him off in the morning between 7:30 and 8:00 and I'll pick him up Tuesday. I'll let y'all know Tuesday how he's doing. If you get a chance, send some good thoughts his way.

I found this great article about cat limb amputation.

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