Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Little Egghead

Papa Rooster is probably going to stomp around like a bear because I posted a picture of our precious daughter. But don't get your fur in a bunch, Big Daddy. I'm posting it for a reason. You see Five Minutes For Mom is having a Mother's Day Photo Contest and the prize is a $1000 American Express gift card provided by Egg Beaters. And since Big Daddy always fails to remember Mother's Day, if I win, his butt won't get chewed out by me when he forgets it again this year - well, maybe not chewed out as bad.

You're supposed to post a motherhood-inspired picture on your blog. To me this picture of our little shorty describes motherhood - well, it describes what motherhood is to me. The look of pure joy on her face and the ketchup smeared on her cheeks. Don't get much better than this -- in my eyes anyway.

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