Tuesday, July 29, 2008

White Trash Mom Handbook

My buddies over at White Trash Mom - okay, okay, I call them my buddies even though I've never laid eyes on either one of them. They're buddies in spirit because they crack me up.

They have a new book coming out next week called the White Trash Mom Handbook.

About the book:
Taking advice from a book with "white trash" in the title is usually not a good idea. But new book "The White Trash Mom Handbook" turns conventional wisdom upside down. Far from trashy, "The White Trash Mom Handbook" has fans from Silicon Valley to Washington D.C. to Hollywood. The book gives irreverent but wise advice for parents of school age children.

Go, go, go buy this book here. Tell them Shelley from Shelley's Snippets sent you. That won't get you crap but it will make me feel special!

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