Friday, August 1, 2008

** Update ** Copper Theft Suspect Rescued From Utility Pole

Who in their right mind does crap like this? What the hell was going through this guy's mind? I need me some serious crack, so I'm just gonna shimmy up this pole, cut a few wires, snip, snip, nobody will see me because I am invisible, wrap the lines around my shoulders and then gently climb down the pole and go sell the copper. Oh, whoops. I thought if I was invisible I wouldn't get jolted with 7,620 volts of electricity.

This guy had to be peeled or cut way because he had adhered to the metal. I wonder how much burnt skin is going for these days?

**Now I feel like crap for making fun of this whole ordeal. He didn't make it. Here's a link to a video showing the firemen taking him down off the pole.**

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