Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bob Feela (aka Bob Vila)

Has anyone ever noticed how Bob Vila has to touch everything? You probably never noticed it, but I guarantee you, when you see him on This Old House reruns or any show, you'll see what I'm talking about and it will irritate you just like it does me. He walks into a room and starts running his hands on pipes, wood, windows, whatever he can touch. Papa Rooster and I will be watching one of those reruns and one of us will pop off and say something like, Don't touch that pipe, Bob. Step away from the pipe! Don't touch that wall, Bob! It's got fresh paint on it!

I can't find a video to prove this to you people. I did find this video which shows him wanting to touch a door really, really badly, but he can't. It's not really that funny, but maybe it will be after you realize Bob cannot walk into a room without handling something.

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