Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shorty To The Rescue

How in the hell does something like this happen? It took me about two minutes to publish that post down there about Shorty putting Vaseline on Loco. While I'm writing it, she keeps coming in here, saying "Shorty to the rescue." She pulls one tissue (let's face it folks, I call them Kleenex) out of the box then runs out of the room. Repeat this whole chain of events about six times, and this is what you get - your cat's water bowl full of Kleenex.

Is that a wipey I see in Loco's bowl? Wonder where the hell she got that from? She's probably been playing in her diaper pail. The other day I found a peanut M & M in Loco's water bowl...or at least I hope it was a peanut M & M - gross.

Does this happen to normal mothers?

I better go see what damage has been done this time. Give me strength, Lord, give me strength.

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