Saturday, January 12, 2008

Is Olan Mills Still In Business?

Got these in an email from a friend. I'm actually in one of these pictures. Can you tell which one? Leave me a comment and I might tell you if you're right. Family & friends can't answer because that would just be cheating.

Those glasses came free with a purchase of Brut cologne.

Drake won Bitchin'est Senior Mullet by a landslide.

That dude wore a tie for nothing.

I wanted a shot like this for my wedding. The Mrs. said no.

Olan Mills backdrop #4: Bucolic Meadow with Split Rail Fence. Is that an animal carcass behind her?

Oh, this is super. What better way to capture the charm and innocence of a child than to plunk him down amid the coarse trappings of a life lived in pursuit of wealth -- oversized bills, an adding machine and the Wall Street Journal -- and make him sit inside a briefcase? (They probably just fold up the little demon right in there to carry him home.) The finishing touch is the globe, which completes the portrait of the young Antichrist in Chess King vest and Red Goose loafers, plotting his takeover of the world (insert maniacal laugh). That is, as soon as someone changes his poopy diaper.

Nothing says 1987 like wrap-around braces and huge silver jewelry - oh, yeah, and poofy wing hair.

This photo isn't discolored. The 70s really were that Orange.

I got a 20 that says he drives a Camaro.

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