Friday, September 21, 2007


Well, I guess I had my first case of spooning or clapping or fishing or whatever the hell you call it. It happened to me not once, but twice. I'll just list this one though because it's a story out of the Star Telegram, our local paper. I'm not sure how many people actually read that other than me and people who live in Fort Worth, but whatever. What's sad is I have made a grand total of $3.17 cents off of the ads posted on here - no, that's not what I make daily. It's what I've made since I started this blog. I love Nothing To Do With Arbroath. I subscribe to his site. I just wish maybe I could have gotten a little credit (that is, if he even read it off of my blog).

Maybe it's just the drugs talking again - I had massive dental work done again yesterday. The left side of my face is like the size of a basketball and it feels like I got ran over by a Peterbuilt. Quit worrying about it and go back to bed - okay - I think I will. Before I go though, I have to tell you I figured out why people do dope. The dentist yesterday gave me two valium and laughing gas - WOW! That was the freakiest thing I've ever felt in my life. Everything went black but I kept seeing this green light. I kept hearing crickets and they got louder and louder. I thought to myself that I was dying and then I thought if I could just open my eyes, I'd realize I wasn't dead. I popped open my eyes and then the feeling was over with - DAMN THE LUCK! The dentist said, Just keep taking deep breaths through your nose. I said, Believe me, I'm breathing as deep as I can. I had everyone in the dentist office cracking up laughing, including myself. Lord only knows what I was saying. I do remember at one point asking them if the laughing gas was some sort of truth serum. For some odd reason, I thought I remember hearing that a while back. The dentist said, No, it's just laughing gas. And the dental assistant said, Why? You don't want it to be truth serum? To which I replied, Hell no. I heard the receptionist out in the lobby laughing at that one.

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