Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stumbling On Happiness

My sister sent me an email today telling me that the judge who fired me back when I was five months' pregnant has joined the church where my sister works. The judge was a female (I guess she still is - I worded that weird too) and she has since divorced her husband and remarried a local attorney.

If words could explain to you what I felt for two years after I was fired, I would explain away - but I can't do that. It's impossible for me to describe the pain and unworthiness I was feeling. I had to change my way of thinking about this whole situation before I went insane.

Anyway, here's my reply to my sister:
You know, after thinking about all the crap that I went through because of (judge's name) - felt like a piece of crap for almost two years - I think if I saw her, I would hug her neck because she gave me the opportunity to stay home with Maddie. Doesn't that sound crazy? It's kind of like that book I was trying to read, Stumbling on Happiness - you find something really makes you happy that you thought wouldn't.

She's still womp-eyed though.


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