Monday, September 17, 2007


I've got to gripe again. This will probably piss a lot of people off but I have to say it. Can people not read or what's the problem? There's signs along the road that have letters as big as people that say "LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING ONLY".

There was a motorcycle rally in Hot Springs this weekend. I have no idea what it was for or anything like that, but I know there was 10,000 million motorcycles on the road this weekend. While the majority of them rode in the right lane, there were a few "rebels" that had to ride in the left lane.

I have a question to ask some of you motorcycle riders. When you are in the right lane and a car is passing you, why do you have to ride the broken white line that separates us? Don't you know that scares the piss out of me? Are you playing chicken with me? If you are, you are a freak and you scare me.

I was traveling along 30 and I came upon two motorcycles in the left lane. I stayed behind them for a short while thinking they had brains enough to get over and let me pass. Well, they didn't so I put my right blinker on and proceed to get over in the right lane to pass them. While I'm getting over, one of the rebels puts his blinker on and starts to pull over in front of me. I hit the brakes because I really didn't feel like running him over. He finally sees me and gets back over in the left lane. I continue to go around them and I pass them and stay in the right lane LIKE I'M SUPPOSED TO BECAUSE I WASN'T PASSING ANYONE.

These rebels finally pulled their heads out of their butts and got over in the right lane. But then one of them gives me some kind of hand signal. It almost looked like the "hang loose" hand signal they use in Hawaii but this guy didn't put his pinkie out. I guess maybe he thought he'd look gay if his pinkie was extended.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-motorcycle. There's a lot of idiots who do this same thing in cars. I never have this problem with motorcycles in the city.

I was thinking on the way home yesterday that I used to not be anti-bicycle either or anti-pedestrian, but times have changed. As Earl Pitts used to say, WAKE UP, AMERICA!

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