Friday, September 7, 2007

My Favorite Book

While I'm busy scanning and taking pictures for your viewing pleasure, I thought I'd scan a picture of my favorite book. First of all, I love biographies. That's just about all I read. I bought this book at, where else, a garage sale years and years ago.

"The fascinating story of the life and times of Alex Stewart is a classic labor-of-love example on the part of the author, John Rice Irwin. His great admiration of Alex, coupled with his profound love and respect for him, led Irwin to visit with this remarkable mountain character over a period of some twenty years, carefully recording hundreds of hours of conversation with him. He observed, with unbiased interest, as Alex went from an almost totally unknown mountain farmer in the 1960's (when Alex was in his 70's) to gain local, regional and even national acclaim."

"For those who were fortunate enough to have known grandparents from a mountain or isolated rural setting, the Alex Stewart book will revive countless fond and nostalgic memories. For others, it will provide insight into the everyday lives, language, culture and philosophy of the illustrious ancestors they never knew. The author makes sure that the reader can become "personally" acquainted with Alex Stewart, a gentile, enthralling and truly captivating mountain man, straight from pioneer America."

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